Running for office

Hey all who might find their way here.  I am running for public office.  Come check out my site at

Scales of War Campaign Synopsis

In “Rescue at Rivenroar,” the PCs must rescue seven kidnapped citizens of Brindol in Aundair. Part of Sinruth’s rise to power is due to his evangelizing to his fellow goblinoids and other vile creatures that he will overthrow local bastions of civilization. He reserves special loathing, however, for Brindol, scene of the Red Hand’s defeat. The recent attack has the locals…

Scales of War Characters

Scales of War is a campaign, a series of adventures that have an over-arching storyline that ties them all together.  Here are the players in our campaign.   Al-Nevitash Player:  Steve Riddel Alignment:  Lawful Good Class:  Paladin Race:  Kalashtar Background:  Al is a devote follower of the Kalashtar religion which is more a philosophy then…


Den of the Destroyer

Last night was the first night of playing with our Dwarven Forge game tiles. I believe they were a huge hit.  The players were excited to see our first dungeon setup on the table waiting for them.  I had sent them this teaser photo before game night.   One of the players was excited enough to…

Example Comic

My parents are coming this weekend so work will be delayed again for another week.  And my last couple of weeks have been filled with politics and GTA:V.   So to make a post and at least change some things up, here is one of my old comics.  

Some Maintenance

Adding in a couple of more spam blocking plugins that will hopefully stop the fake person signups I am getting in at about 5 per day.  The site doesn’t have anything on it and I am getting spammed.   I hope to get the ComicEasel plugin in up and running soon and I will make…


User Creation and Setup Status

I have setup my profile and am now completing some behind the scenes stuff.  I still haven’t started the ComicEasel plug-in setup but hope to get that going soon here.  Right now I am fighting of tiredness as I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to an oil change appointment…

And Branded

Oooo, looky at me getting all fancy with the first of my branding.  Got my logo and .ico setup.  But I have to run and do some errands.  But I am getting closer to getting an actual comic uploaded.


New site … again

Hey I have a new system in place.  Let’s see how the default profile looks before I break it with add-ins.